The Magic of Disney and the Missing Engagement Ring

This is the story of the missing Engagement Ring.

In a Kingdom Not Far Away…

Princess Vivian was cleaning furiously – preparing to welcome houseguests to her new retirement castle. Suddenly she glanced at her hand and noticed her glistening engagement ring. “I need to keep this safe” she thought. So she took it off lest it be damaged by the fury of her work.

Later as Vivian was using her vacuum she heard a substantial clunk. In the rush to ready for her honored guests, the Princess didn’t have time to investigate the source of the noise. Only after the vacuum had been emptied by her beloved, and the trash taken away, did the fair Vivian realize that her cherished ring was missing. No “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” managed to conjure the Prince’s treasured gift.

Lost, but Not Entirely Forgotten

As the months wore on, the Princess and her Prince David, tried not to think on their disappointment. Occasionally though, they’d be reminded. Such was the case one night, while watching an episode of a television show called Cougar Town. They saw the eternal optimist Andy Torres (Ian Gomez) lose his wedding ring. Eventually, Andy finds his ring in the street.

The Prince and Princess sighed heavily, thinking to themselves, “If only it could be so here in our Kingdom.”

The very next morning the twosome were again watching the video box on the wall. A virus was sweeping the nation, but a story of hope appeared in the reopening of a Magic Kingdom called Disney World. A few critics objected, but the land was said to be clean, and precautions were in place. Our gallant couple were always concerned with safety to themselves and others when out in The Land. To them, this Kingdom appeared as safe as most public places seen in their travels; perhaps it was even safer!

Then, our Prince and Princess noticed their favorite Disney park of all – Epcot – was also reopening, just two days hence. This was a chance to be part of history! And so it must be!

The Magical Moment

Now, another scramble was underway in the home of our valiant. As the Prince navigated the Disney website and worked his way through the ticket changes due to the virus, the fair maiden Vivian looked for her Disney ID. She went through her closet, boxes and drawers. Then she opened a drawer in the kitchen, reserved for junk, a place where an Ogre dare not gaze!

There in the very back! What is that with the sparkle of sunlight? Hidden away, for 16 months, ALAS she found…


The Ring placed on her finger 29 years past by her betrothed, at a Canyon that was Grand!

A ring that may have been forever lost, if not for the Magic of Disney!

…as well as a few dozen prayers.

Engagement Ring Found

The Morals of Our Story

Let it be written…


Slow Down! In Retirement just like pre-retirement, you’ll encounter moments when you’re rushed. Looking back, we usually discover those moments were not worth the stress we encountered (or the risks we might have taken). Our guests wanted to see us, they didn’t care if our house was immaculate for them.

Insure your cherished items. The Ring’s emotional value cannot be understated – but it had financial value as well. For 27 years Vivian and David had insured the Ring as part of their homeowners insurance. They only let it lapse as they headed into Retirement, to save what amounted to a quarter a day. The emotional and relational impact of losing the Ring still would have been great, but knowing that the Ring could have been replaced without additional financial burden would have lessened the accompanying stress.

Finally, check your junk! We all have places we throw stuff to get it out of the way – intending to go back later and straighten things out. Make a plan this weekend to do just that. You may be surprised with your own long-lost treasure!

Here’s What Happened Next: What Epcot was like the Day it Reopened!

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Disclosure: The Princess and Prince are shareholders in the enterprise known as The Walt Disney Company. They do not anticipate that this Tale of Joy will have any impact on the value of their -very- limited holdings of this business venture.

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