About Retirement Success

When I was approaching retirement I went searching for answers about what was to come. While I found plenty of information and advice, most was negative. According to what I was reading – I should expect that I would have to work until I was 75; constantly pinch pennies; eventually get sick; likely end up uncared-for in a nursing home… and die.

About Retirement Success

That didn’t sound too appealing.

Then I had a sudden revelation.  Although those stories were written by people you would consider “experts in their field,” very little information was available from the real experts on Retirement.  Retirees!  In fact, the retirees I knew seemed pretty darn happy. There was a big disconnect.

That’s what led to the creation of Retirement Success.

“Little information was available from the real experts on Retirement.

Here you’ll find stories of myself and others who have taken the path you’ll be traveling one day.  Or perhaps, you’re already walking with us in retirement. Our goal is to show you not just where the rocks are, but even more importantly to point out the amazing flowers you’ll be seeing along the way.

We’ll focus on how to retire on your terms and live retirement in your way.  Not a retirement filled with fear, but one overflowing with whatever you consider success.

Dare we say “Retirement Success?”

Welcome to your future!

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